CALL RECORDS - Quality Guide

CALL RECORDS - Quality Guide

Call Center Studio - Quality Control Guide

Call Records

Quality Control | Call Records

This section describes the Call Records section under the Quality Control Module. All call records in the customer account are accessed in the quality control module. Calls can be heard, evaluated, tagged and downloaded.

Number, date, agent, call type, call id, closing codes are some of the filters that can be used according to the labels and the report can be downloaded in csv format.

3.5.1 Call Details

“Caller” field is clickable. Clicking on the number opens a page showing additional details of the call. In the tabs in the screen;

The "Call Information" field contains detailed information.

In the "Call History" field, there are the types of steps that the call follows when it enters the voice response system.

In the "Transfer History" field, the information is recorded if the call was transferred to another voice response system, external number, queue and user via transfer.

3.5.2 Call Evaluation

When the evaluation button,, at the end of the calls is pressed, the list of forms prepared is displayed. Evaluation must be made on the selected form and recorded.

3.5.3. Call Listening

Calls can be listened within the interface by clicking on the Listen, , button. Alternatively, they can be downloaded and listened to from the desktop as well. Recordings are in “.wav” file format. 

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