Call Center Studio - Agent screen


Agent screen

The screen that is displayed for users who log in the system for the first time is as follows.

Following is basic information about what you need to do at the beginning.  

Audio Permission Access

Select, Secure, to the left of the URL. This pop-up window will appear:

Change the following settings to Allow for Microphone, Notifications, and Popups as shown above. 

The following Audio setting box will appear everytime a CR selects the agent screen:

Select the desired device using the dropdown boxes. (See Audio Input/Output Settings section for more information)

At the bottom of the softphone, connection information is shown. If it says registered you can go to the next stage, but if it does not please check your network connection and refresh the page. (Shown below)


Select a queue from the softphone as shown below. 

Set status to available. 

Dialing a number: Use the Softphone buttons displayed on the screen, or keyboard to dial then select  as shown below. 

Press the exit button to log out. 

To change password, select Forgot my password, then type email to receive a reset link. 

How Can I Receive a Call? 

  • Select the available status and appropriate queue (if applicable)

Customer Representative Status Screens

The following are statuses that the customer representative can select:

  • Available: Select to make and receive calls
  • ACW: Select to perform post call tasks
  • Short Break: Select to divert calls when on break
  • Lunch: Select when taking lunch
  • Training: Select when in training 
  • Meeting: Select when in meeting

Call Status

  • Ringing: 
  • Will light-up when an incoming call or outgoing call is in progress
  • Talking: 
  • Will light-up when the call is answered
  • Waiting: 
  • Will light-up when call is on hold
  • Wrap-up:
  • Will light-up when call is finished
  • Chat:
  • Will light when chatting  

Contact Center At A Glance 

  • Waiting: number of consumers waiting in the queue 
  • Talking: number of CRs currently in active call status 
  • Break: number of CRs on break
  • Available: number of CRs available 


Press to make outgoing call (also you can press, enter, on a keyboard)

Press to hang-up

Press to place on hold

Press to transfer (see transfer section)

Audio Input/ Output Settings

Click the settings button on the Softphone. The pop-up window below will be displayed, using the dropdown text boxes select the desired audio device (headphone, speaker, etc.).

To test functionality:

  • Audio Input:
  • If the selected device is working correctly, the audio input level bar will animate.
  • Audio Output:
  • You may test the selected device by clicking the text below the device selection box. If you don't hear the beep sound please check the connections and try again.

1st and 2nd Line Usage

If a call is received or a call is started, the line will pass to active status.

While speaking to a customer in the 1st Line, a 2nd call can be started. When the 2nd line is activated the 1st line will be placed on hold. (Active lines are highlighted in green, lines on hold are highlighted in orange). 

Press the conference button in order to perform a common conversation with the 1st and 2nd lines. 

Transfer on Softphone 

In order to transfer an active call; 

Press the transfer button,,  on Softphone

  • Direct Number:
  • Write the number or extension and press the transfer button (For warm transfer, a conversation can be started using the 2nd line and then transferred later). 


  • Search for the user’s name, select the user, then press the transfer button. 


  • Select the desired queue, then press the transfer button


  • Select the desired contact, then press the transfer button. 

Interactive Voice Response System:

  • Select the desired IVR, then press the transfer button. (Note: All welcome menus are not found in the list, only IVRs.)

Customer Representative Panel

Active Calls: Details of inbound calls are displayed here (calling number, which Queue it belongs to etc.). If desired, the CR can perform tagging for active call.

Active chat: Details of agent chats are displayed here. The CR can respond to chat messages here and review messages sent from customers. 

Performance: Customer representative can monitor his/her own performance and times spent in status in this tab.

Previous Calls: Last 20 calls made by the customer representative are displayed in this list. Calls can be tagged in this step (Calls tagged during active calls cannot be tagged again, nor can they be changed).

Queues: How many calls have been answered, replied and missed by customer representatives and from which queue can be viewed here. 

Team: Customer representatives can see users in the team he/she is added to and view their status.

My Messages: Customer representatives can send messages to the supervisor whose team he/she is added to, and receive messages from the supervisor. 

Evaluations: The Customer Representative’s individual evaluation can be found on this tab. From this tab, customer representatives can read manager assessments and respond with questions as necessary. 

IVR Applications: Third party applications integrated to IVR trees are managed from this screen.

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